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A Fond Farewell to Summer

Embrace and Cherish | Barbara Anne Williams www.bitsofivory.com

The summer is waning and autumn is finally tiptoeing in. The pleasant canyon breeze makes my morning walk to work so much cheerier. Is there anything quite as delightful as the scent of the ripening concord grapes hanging from the backyard pergola, or the flavor of sun-ripened garden tomatoes?

Welcome, Autumn.  I’ve missed you.

Of course, there’s a bit of mourning that comes at the change of seasons as well.  I do not miss the oppressive heat of summer, but I do miss watching my children fill their days with creativity and play.

A few summers ago our boys and their friends designed and built their own raft from old fence boards.  They created a flag and an anchor.  They even built their own oar.  Then they painted their creation with fierce teeth and flames.

The hard work of their summer project culminated in a trip to the nearby dam, where they sailed “the beast” successfully.  It was glorious.

It’s absolutely lovely to have something beautiful to look back on, and to know that tomorrow will bring it’s own treasured moments as well.  It’s even lovelier to embrace those moments as we live them, no matter what season it is.

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