About Bits of Ivory

Dear old world’, she murmured, ‘you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”

L, M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet. I’d love to show you around, and if you think you might be a kindred spirit, please feel free to kick off your shoes and snuggle in with a cup of cocoa as you make yourself at home.

DIY is my little online studio filled with creative ideas and how-tos for all kinds of projects. It also includes the front of my virtual refrigerator where you’ll find quotes, checklists and other printable stuff on display. As a graphic designer, making things that are both lovely and useful just makes me happy. Sharing those things makes me even happier.

Inspiration is like a digital file folder full of words, color schemes, and images to inspire your imagination. Whether you’re looking for something to spark ideas for art, writing, or home, inspiration posts are a great place to start!

Recipes is for (wait for it) things I’ve created in the kitchen lately. I don’t spend hours preparing food if I can help it, and I like simple ingredients. I often take shortcuts, and make do with what I have on hand. Most of my recipes don’t require precise measurements, because that’s just not how I cook. If that fits your kitchen style, you’re going to love these recipes, how-tos and “hacks.”

Book Club is the little shelf where I share books. I’m a self-diagnosed bibliophile, and I’m always looking for something uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring to read. I’ll share a few of my favorites, and hope that you’ll find a new favorite too!

In fact, the name of this blog, “Bits of Ivory,” is a result of a love for all things Jane Austen.

I like to use my own original artwork whenever I can, but I sometimes used licensed illustrations from talented artists for special printables. Especially watercolors. Because I love them. Whenever I use licensed artwork on a project, I include the source information so that creative friends who fall in love with the images can use them in their own projects if they wish. These are not affiliate links and are not required by the license, they are only included for your convenience.

The Legal Stuff: