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Of Boys, Dirt and Ducks – A Garden Tale

Gardening may be one of the most romanticized hard-labor activities in literature.  There truly is something enchanting in the alchemy that combines soil and water and tiny little seeds to create marigolds, daisies and hollyhocks.  And homegrown tomatoes.

I used to think that the heady scents and delicious flavors of a garden were magical in spite of the weeding and plowing and hoeing and irrigating that went on behind the scenes.  After observing for a few years, though, I’m inclined to believe that the labor and sweat actually add to the beauty of the gardening experience.

When we plant and tend a garden we truly walk in the Creator’s footsteps.

Of Boys, Dirt and Ducks - My favorite four-letter words of gardening | www.bitsofivory.com

My husband doesn’t often call for me to get the camera.  This little moment in time, however, demanded that we capture it in pixels to pass along to posterity.

Although a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, it just can’t capture the earthy smell of the soil as our son guided the till in wide circles to break up the earth.  It can’t capture the happy clamor of the ducks as they waddle behind the till all in a row, hunting the many-legged and no-legged insects that have been freshly unearthed.

It was comical and beautiful all at once.

So many of my favorite four-letter words go with the garden.  Like “boys,” “dirt” and maybe even “duck.”  If you don’t have a garden plot to till I hope you can find a pot of soil to dig and sow with your favorite seeds.  Everyone needs a little garden magic.

What is your favorite garden memory?

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