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Loft Beds Your Kids Will Love

Once upon a Christmas Eve morning my darling husband decided it was time to solve the dilemma of the space-challenged room our boys share.

We had discussed building loft beds, but I wasn’t sure I approved of the timing of this project.

I wasn’t looking forward to a Christmas Day under construction.

Hanging Loft Bed with dresser underneath and rock wall ladder

Of course he had the entire project done and cleaned up by Christmas Eve night.  And new dressers purchased and assembled.


Hanging Loft Beds

I had bookmarked a few loft bed ideas on the internet, but after looking at them we decided to go in our own direction.

We wanted a club house feel and so left things a bit rough.

With a few 2×6′ boards, 2×4’s and some plywood we were ready to build.  Carriage bolts into the wall studs and a heavy rated chain and eye bolt made the beds ultra-sturdy.

We used the rails from their old bunk beds as the final safety measure.

But how would they get INTO their beds?

In keeping with the club/tree house feel we thought about rope ladders but couldn’t find anything that would work well for this design.

Finally we had a stroke of inspiration.

Rock Wall for Hanging Loft Beds

We ordered a set of climbing rocks and hardware from a company on the internet and followed the company’s suggestions for building the wall.  It is absolutely perfect.

The t-nuts and bolts create an easily adjustable wall so every now and again the boys change the layout of their rocks for a new challenge.

The boys officially have the coolest room ever.  One that they built themselves, with their dad’s help.  Priceless.

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