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How to Celebrate the New Year with a Planner Full of Possiblities

I have a love/hate relationship with planners.  I love organizing my time and to-dos, and making lists.

Even more than that, I love crossing things off of my lists.

But it never lasts.

Orance notebook with bookmark

I’ve started some great planners in the past. There are things I love about each of them. I had really high hopes for the last one I purchased, which had spaces for absolutely everything.

But everything is bulky and heavy, and soon I was taking it out of my bag and leaving it home. And forgetting to open it.

The awesomeness was completely wasted.

Bullet journal planner page - January

I’ve tried just about everything from digital solutions to expensive day planners, and just haven’t found the perfect fit yet. So it intrigued me when I started seeing more and more examples of bullet-journals.

The idea is to create your own planner pages, lists and journal entries all in one blank book.

I’ve seen hundreds of different layouts and lists and ideas. And that inspires me.

Because, you see, the planner is 100% customized. Between planner pages I can compose journal entries, take notes, make lists, reflect on life’s lessons, or record favorite recipes.

Each new page is a blank canvas that I can fill with whatever meets my needs at the moment.

And if it isn’t working, I can just adapt it.

Bullet journal planner page - January

Turning over a new leaf

So this year, I’m going to experiment. I’m going to try something new. And I’m going to continue trying something new every week, keeping what I love and changing what I don’t.

And I’m going to allow myself to make messes, and draw badly, and scribble sometimes, because this isn’t a Pinterest project. It’s my life.

I’m going to consider each new blank page a chance to discover and explore, and create.

Two notebooks for bullet journals

I have a few gorgeous blank books that I’ve picked up on clearance at the book store, and I’ve picked one that’s the perfect size to carry with me.

That’s part of the beauty of these little all-in-one books. Any notebook will work, so you’re free to find your own perfect fit.

It’s got a clever little gusseted pocket in the back, an elastic to keep it closed, and a bookmark to keep my place. It’s also got a table of contents in the front so that I can easily find important pages.

Table of Contents

I have a love/hate relationship with planners. But I’m hoping that after a year of experimenting and trying new things, It’ll be an adore/cherish relationship instead.

Happy New Year, my friends!

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