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A Cupcake Kind of Day!

It really *IS* a cupcake kind of day. . . I think I’m going to let my own little Chef Alonzo have free rein in the kitchen for awhile.  Cupcakes are his specialty, which is what inspired this sweet digi stamp in the first place.  Chocolate cupcakes.  Or white.  I don’t much care at this point.

On another sweet note, have you seen the new haberdashery shop by our friends at CuddlyBuddly.com?  I love the word “haberdashery.”  And the shop is absolutely delightful.  You should definitely have a peek!  Haberdashery, haberdashery, haberdashery. . .

I hope your day is very sweet. . . and filled with lovely things such as cupcakes. . . and the accompanying hour on the elliptical.

Barbara Anne Williams
Bits of Ivory
available at CuddlyBuddly

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