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Tips & Techniques Tuesday – Itty Bitty Rubber Stamps

Small Rubber Stamps handcarved from pencil erasers

Welcome to our first official Tips and Techniques Tuesday!  These itty bitty rubber stamps are so much fun when you’re looking for a unique touch.  You’ve probably used a pencil eraser for rubber stamping dots before. With just a few little passes of your craft knife you have a little hand-carved stamp to add character and personality to your handcrafted projects.

Very simple shapes are obviously best since you’re working with a tiny little space.  For simple shapes like a square or prim heart, cut away at the shape free-hand. Simply use the straight edge of the blade to carve the eraser material away until you’re left with the shape you want.  For other shapes use ink to draw the shape on the eraser and then cut carefully around it leaving only the inked areas.  With a little practice you’ll have a collection of favorite little one-of-a-kind shapes. And if something doesn’t work out, you can always start over with a new “blank” and recycle the mistakes as . . . pencil erasers!

Little rubber stamps hand carved from pencil erasers

*Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a little box of stamping blanks!  Okay, it’s a box of pencils.. . but think of the amazing things you could make with them.


The winner of the drawing is Jennifer S. of Bugs’n’Bees!

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