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It takes a lot of faith

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I’ve been reflecting lately on the twists and turns that my life has taken over the years. I’ve been thinking of the beautiful bends in the river – the valleys that were hidden just around a corner, and the unexpected falls that seemed terrifying at the time, but brought me to peaceful places that changed me forever. I’m not a risk-taker by nature. If I had been left to chart my own life course it would have been quiet and predictable. It would have been even and steady and uneventful. In the end I would have been essentially the same as I was at the beginning. What a shame that would have been.

It takes a lot of faith to put everything you have on the altar of God, trust in Him, and know that His plan is better for you than the plan you have mapped out for yourself.

– Jane Clayson Johnson

The most amazing things in my life have come when I trusted God and took a leap of faith. And now my heart is full as I watch my children grow and climb their own life-mountains, putting their trust in God’s plans for them, and loving the adventure as it shapes them into incredibly strong, compassionate people.

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