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Family History Games & Activities

The Family Times

Assign each child a family member and have them find out about that person.  Let them make up a “newspaper” with the articles that they write on each family member.  They can draw pictures to illustrate, or you can provide copies of pictures that the children can use (this is a great way to use up extra photographs).  To involve younger children, make reporting teams and let them work together with an older child.  Questions can range from “What’s your favorite color, food, etc.” to “What are you most thankful for?”

This activity is especially fun at large family gatherings where the children can work together with cousins.  A copy of the family newspaper could be made available to each family for their own memory books. 

The Timeline Game

Prepare family pictures or copies, and assign a number to each one.*  Have each member of the family put the pictures in order of when they happened by writing numbers in order on a piece of paper or timeline.  The person whose timeline is closest to the correct answer wins!!! 

*Ancestor pictures could be used for adults, or more recent pictures for younger children! 

Family History Halloween

One family that we know helps their children choose a costume from an interesting era, and then learns about a family member who lived then.  What a wonderful opportunity to help children relate to their ancestors!

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