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How to Upcycle an Inexpensive Brag Book for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day upcycled Brag Book Covers
You’re in an awkward position. Mom has asked you not to get her anything for Mother’s Day. She already has way too much “stuff.” Seriously, though, you can’t be the only one at dinner without a gift!

Never fear! We have the perfect solution.

This upcycled brag book is by far the easiest of the Mother’s Day projects included in our free printable file.

Simply print out the covers, cut to size, and assemble to create a sweet little album for Mom (or Grandmother) to carry around.

Photo album to be upcycled into Mother's Day brag book

These inexpensive photo albums are available in most drug stores. I purchased these in the craft section at Walmart.

You can easily remove the decorative cardstock, leaving a clear pocket where you can insert a new and improved cover.

I feel like I should be giving more directions, but I can’t. It’s really just that simple.

It’s very kid friendly, especially for children who are skilled enough with scissors to cut the covers out. Younger children can help to chose the photos to fill the pages with, or even draw a few of their own!

Mother's Day upcycled Brag Book free printable front cover

One of my favorite quotes begins on the front cover and continues onto the back. It’s perfect for Mother’s day, but like our other featured gifts this month, it’s equally perfect for other gift opportunities!

  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Hostess gifts
  • Graduation
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Traveling

Don’t you love easy, inexpensive, kid-friendly projects that look really impressive and reflect how much you value the people you love? I do!

Mother's Day upcycled brag book free printable covers

When you sit down to dinner at Mother’s house, and she unwraps all of the “stuff” she asked her children not to bring, you will be the hero of the hour. No mother can resist a book filled with pictures of the people she treasures most.

You’re welcome.

Click here to download the printable project page.  It includes the front and back cover for your upcycled brag book. Our Sugar Scrub and Aromatherapy Play Dough projects are also included included in the download!

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