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How to Celebrate Family Love With A Gift for Grandparents

It’s Valentine Week, and we’re going to celebrate all different kinds of love with stories, ideas, tips and more ideas! Today’s idea includes a heartfelt gift for grandparents.

All Kinds of Love Week - Family Love | Barbara Anne Williams

Family Love

The photo from the album above is my Great-Grandparents, announcing their engagement.  I didn’t know my great-grandfather; he died when my grandfather was very young.  I knew and loved my great-grandmother, though, and it always makes me smile to see how their little family began with so much happiness.

Another great-grandmother shared her name with me. Her little footstool that still bears the enormous, uneven stitches that we made on it while she sat in her rocking chair and told us stories.

I never got to meet my other great-grandparents, but I’ve heard stories about them and feel as if I do know them a little.  Now that my own grandparents have passed on, I feel like my children will be missing out if they don’t get to hear the things I cherished about people who were an enormous influence in my life.

Celebrating family love is about both passing on memories, and creating them.

One of the little things I treasure is a book that we made for each of their grandparents.  The grandparents absolutely adored them. And now that I have them back and can read back through them I find that they’ve become a precious tie between the generations.

A Gift They’ll Adore

It’s so simple to make your own “Grandma & Me” or “Mom & Me” or “Auntie & Me” books, illustrated with old family photos, clip art, or even sweet little drawings by your little ones.  And they don’t just go one way – A “Daddy & Me” book made by a father for his little ones would be absolutely fantastic!  (These would make great Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts too)

Here’s an example of the text from one of the books, just to give you a little idea.  The best thing about the stories wasn’t the eloquent writing (ha!) but that it can be read over and over again. And it expresses love and appreciation for who they are individually and what they mean to us.

________’s Marvelous Grandpa-Great

I have the best Grandpa-Great in the world!

Grandpa has been lots of things in his life.  He worked on a dairy farm in Morgan.  During World War II he served his country in the Navy.  He worked at Hill Air Force Base and lots of other places.

But the most important thing that he has ever been is my Grandpa-Great.

He always has change for my piggy bank!

Grandpa-Great tells the best stories.  Mom says that’s because he has lots of practice.  (Image of a fisherman & his catch here)

Grandpa loves to see things grow.  He watches his vegetables grow in his big garden.  He watches me grow too!

The BEST thing about Grandpa-Great is that I love him, and he loves me. I’m so glad that families are forever!

Love, M________

As you can see, it can be very simple. Other ideas for pages might include things you have in common. Maybe it’s a love of ice cream, horses or skydiving.  You could include special things you do together, such as cloud-watching, sewing or going for walks. You don’t have to be an author to write a book that will have a special place on a special someone’s shelf.

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