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Weekly Card Pattern – 2nd Edition

It’s that time again, and here I am!  This card pattern is one of my favorites because the ripped and distressed image and image frame go so well with my favorite inking techniques.  I do have a lovely sample made up with this card. . . and I’ll be adding it later, when next months Christmas releases come out.  In the meantime I’d love to see what YOU make with it!

At our last Bits of Ivory & Friends card night one of our guests designed the beautiful card below, based on this pattern but with her own fantastic creative spin.  One of my favorite things about patterns are seeing where people’s imaginative ideas take them.  Jenn chose the spring tulip digi stamp which she shaded in a purple that perfectly compliments the color of the card, and then added the fantastic final touch of a dimensional butterfly as the cherry on top.

I’m looking forward to sharing several more of the cards from our creative night next week.  I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by talented ladies who love to come together and chat while they create miniature works of art.  For my friends in the Logan area, this is a really fun opportunity to chat, create and learn fun new techniques.  Sometimes I have a little treat there.  When we’re really lucky, someone else makes the treat – like Melanie, who happens to make really, really amazing homemade chocolate sandwich cookies.  We’re filled up for the August session but there is another coming soon!

Barbara Anne Williams

Bits of Ivory
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