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How to make a Cute Cowbell Christmas Gift at the Last Minute

More Cowbell!

I know, I know. . . you’ve all got Christmas completely covered and don’t need any help.  The stockings are hung, the mice aren’t stirring, neighbors have been gifted, and everything is wrapped under the tree.

That’s okay! Just file this idea away for next year. Or better yet, adapt it to your wedding, birthday or other holiday celebrations by changing out the artwork.

I’m not calling anyone out – really I’m not.  I’m sure you’re all far past needing a last minute teacher gift, hostess gift, or table decoration for your Christmas dinner.

Undoubtedly I’m the only one still remembering to add things to my “to do” list. See my previous blog post about lists if you don’t believe me.

Quick and Inexpensive. . . And Handmade!

But, just in case there’s a reader or two who does need something quick and lovely to put together for their Christmas celebrations, I present this beautiful Cowbell Christmas gift or decor idea that can be put together in under 30 minutes!

The step-by-step instructions are available at in the member’s area (remember that registration is free now) – and as a special bonus you’ll find one of these bell images to download and use on your own bell project!*

It couldn’t be easier, and you’ll definitely look like you spent far more time on the project than it really takes – which is my very favorite sort of project.  It’s something just a little bit different and special.

Don’t be afraid to adapt this or any other project to meet your own needs.  The lovely clanky noise of this bell is perfect for teachers trying to get the attention of their students.

It’s a great way to call the family to dinner as well – or maybe for a sick little one to call mom from bed when they need something.  Strike that last idea – it’s perfect for a sick mom to call her children to bring her things when she’s ill in bed.

It’s also a fun alternative to the traditional bells at wedding dinners that guests ring for a kiss, and can easily be personalized with the happy couple’s photo, monogram or other details making a lovely keepsake for those same guests.

Cow Bells – they’re not just for cows anymore.

On another note, while you’re at check out the new classes that they’re offering!

New classes will be added very soon as well. It’s a great way to learn new skills while creating something fun and useful at the same time.

*Artwork for these bells came from the Bits of Ivory Nativity art set.

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