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Volterra at Bramble & Vine

Volterra ItalyI just added a new set of magnets to my shop at Bramble & Vine featuring photos from Volterra, Italy.  These are perfect for architecture enthusiasts and lovers of all things Tuscan or Italian.  Realistically, though, I realize that their biggest draw is that they’re the literary home of the Volturi from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.  They make fantastic gifts for Twilight fans of all ages, for lockers or fridges or desk cubicles.  They’re especially ideal for those who want to celebrate their secret obsession in a more subtle, sophisticated fashion. 😉  Two of the images are of the Palazzo dei Priori (one with the famous clock tower), and the other shows the street sign at the corner of the piazza.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Volterra was one of my very favorite places in our recent trip to Italy.  It’s a charming little village, and the alabaster creations there are amazing.  And, certainly not least importantly, it is the home of my favorite gelato shop, Chic E Shock, which serves the most beautiful and delicious concoctions imaginable.  Take a moment to chat with the master gelato maker/proprietor if you get a chance as well.  He’s amazing. 

Sadly, the New Moon movie due to be released in November was not filmed in the actual village of Volterra.  They chose a nearby village instead, which was easier to film in.  If you’re looking for scenes from the movie – these magnets won’t be your thing, I’m afraid (although the palazzo in the town where they filmed is similar to the one in Volterra).  Still, there’s something rather special here to fans of the books!  Because the photos are originals taken by me, they’re unique and different from anything else you’ll find out there.  They come packaged on a piece of metal covered in Italian text and in a plastic protective sleeve – perfect for gift giving.

On another note, thanks to everyone for your support as we open a new Bits of Ivory shopping cart.  We are slowly adding our sets back, but you can see the shop and the sets that have already been renewed here:  Over the next few weeks we hope to have all the sets back up and ready for purchase!

Very Best Wishes!
Barbara Anne Williams
Bits of Ivory
Bramble & Vine @Etsy and @1000Markets

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