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A Gift From My Garden

brambleandvine_5eGifts from your garden can be more than a few (?) spare zucchini!  Fall flowers are in bloom and make some of the prettiest cut arrangements to brighten the chilly days!  Sprigs of herbs can be cut before the frost and given, all ready to freeze or hang to dry.  Gather your favorite garden photos from this summer and put them together for friends and family to browse through when they’re longing for bright spots of color on those gloomy winter days.  One of my favorite gifts from the garden are seeds from your favorite flowers.  There’s nothing more delightful than planning your Spring garden, and including a little something from the garden of a friend.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving!  Some of my very favorite flowers were cuttings given to me by friends and I think of them everytime I see them.

  • You can dress up your gift of seeds by sealing them in envelopes and then tying them together in a pretty ribbon, in tiny plastic baggies or printable seed packets arranged in a beautiful jar, vase or flowerpot, in little tins, organza drawstring bags, or layered in the little round stacking bead organizers that you can find in the craft section of most stores.
  • Use a little accordian album to make a gift of your favorite flower photos something to treasure.  It makes a lovely place marker for a fall garden party, a great gift tag, or just a sweet little reminder that good things really do come in small packages.

Happy Harvest Wishes!
Barbara Anne

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