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Treasuring and Sharing The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all of the difference.  Some of my favorite memories are of simple little things that have brought me joy, from kind words to beautiful moments that took my breath away.

I still treasure lilacs not only for their beauty but for the beautiful childhood memories that their scent evokes.  The lilacs are blooming now and I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately as a result.

A Happy Little Secret

I love the private joy of thinking back on these small yet powerful life-changing things.  They’ve always been a happy secret I tell to myself every now and again when I need to remember what makes me who I am.  Little glimpses and flashes of that beauty escape into my artwork now and again, but mostly I keep them hidden away.

Perhaps it’s the lilacs, or the rain, but today I feel inspired to find ways to share these little treasures with my children.  I hope that it will inspire them to treasure up their own precious moments.  I hope too that it will give them a chance to know me better and learn about the lovely things that I value in this life.

I’m starting my book of favorite things today. I hope to share little bits of it with all of you as I progress.  If you feel the same way I hope you’ll find a place to write, draw, photograph, scrap or otherwise share the things that fill you with joy too!

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