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Journaling Your Holiday Scrapbook

This holiday season include a special family tradition in your holiday scrapbook.  Plan ahead, and then take the pictures that you need to capture your special celebrations.  We’ve collected a few ideas that we hope will inspire you.

·         Favorite family recipes:  Include your favorite family recipe in a scrapbook layout along with pictures of the family making or eating this fun favorite.  Your favorite gingerbread men will still be a big hit generations from now if you take the time to preserve them in your memory book this year!

·         Special family traditions:  From sleigh rides to caroling, Christmas tree shopping to decking the halls, special family traditions are worth capturing for future generations.  Be sure to ask yourself the magic questions as you journal these pages – who, what, when, where, why and how!

·         The meaning of the season:  For most of us, the holiday season is full of spiritual meaning and symbolism.  Take the time to record the special feelings that each of your family members has this time of year.  What special ways do you celebrate the religious aspects of the holidays?  Include photos of your favorite nativity or creche, meaningful religious symbols in your home, and special pageants or programs.  Help each family member record the special meaning that these things have for them and include these thoughts in your scrapbook.

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